Center for Spirituality & the Arts in Amarillo, TX

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Our beautiful and serene Center for Spirituality and the Arts hosts many ecumenical gatherings, art shows, and concerts and can be reserved for meetings and special events. The Center has a sound system, internet, and large screen. It also has a complete kitchen and tables and chairs available. Fees range from $50 to $100. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (806) 576-2480 to reserve your space.

Grow Your Spirituality at Our Healing Prayer Center

Make prayer a priority in your life by visiting Chalice Abbey in Amarillo, TX

Chalice Abbey's Center for Spirituality & the Arts is a non-denominational healing prayer center in Amarillo, Texas. Our center is open to everyone, encouraging individuals to connect spiritually and engage in self-discovery. Prayer is a form of spiritual art and can heal everyone in different ways. During our prayer sessions, we create a sense of community. We often have local artists set up their work here, and we welcome everyone to join us.

Put prayer at the center of your life by joining us today.

Prayer will enhance your life in more ways than one

We believe in the power of prayer. By visiting our healing prayer center, you'll learn to master this spiritual art. Prayer is a powerful tool that can:

  • Build your self-awareness
  • Heal and grow your spirituality
  • Inspire you to create new art
  • Enhance relationships in your life
Our healing prayer center has prayer sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Join us to start building your spiritual relationships.

Reserve the center for your event

Our beautiful, serene Center for Spirituality & the Arts hosts many gatherings, art shows and concerts. It can be reserved for meetings and special events. The center has a full kitchen with tables and chairs available, as well as a large screen, sound system and Internet. Call 806-576-2480 today to reserve the space.