About Chalice Abbey

Chalice Abbey is an emerging contemplative community committed to the intentional work of personal transformation, embodied practice, and engaged living.

We are a self governing community affiliated with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest.


To participate in creating a just and sustainable world through contemplative practices, respectful dialogue, and the sale of fair trade goods and local creative arts.


To embody our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being a faithful, inclusive, contemplative community with a passion for justice, environmental stewardship and practices that lead to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Personal Transformation

Embodied Practice

Engaged Living

The Abbey Fair Trade Gift Shop

Our fair trade store offers certified fair trade items from around the world. Your purchases of handcrafted jewelry, pottery, baskets, musical instruments, wall hangings, and many other item help marginalized artisans earn an income to support their families and continue their art. Our store is at 2717 Stanley, just south of I-40 and Georgia. We also carry some items by local artisans. The sale of these items support the local artist and help us purchase fair trade items.

Center for Spirituality and the Arts

Our Center for Spirituality and the Arts hosts many transformative gatherings, art shows, and concerts. It is also available for meetings and special events. Our regularly offered programs emphasize Personal Transformation, Embodied Practice, and Engaged Living.
Current Offerings - See EVENTS CALENDAR for days and times.

Conversations focused on personal transformation, embodied practices and engaged living from many different perspectives and traditions.

A local group focused on learning about and taking action to address the climate crisis.

An embodied practice for awakening to an awareness of our oneness with the universe, and as a grounding place for learning to be less subject to all the ways in which we as human beings suffer and contribute to the suffering of others.

For more information about Chalice Abbey, please email fairtrade@chaliceabbey.org, or call (806) 576-2480. For more information on fair trade, visit the World Fair Trade Organization website at www.wfto.com or the Fair Trade Federation website at www.fairtradefederation.org.