Our History

Chalice Abbey is a recognized congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

We began with a question that led to an answer that led to action.

In 2012 The Hi Plains Area of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) helped a local Disciple congregation, Covenant of Joy, reach a decision to close. The assets of the church were given to the Hi Plains Area to find ways to minister in the Amarillo community. The property was sold and with the encouragement of the Area Minister, Chuck Fisher and the HPA Board, the HPA Associate Minister for Youth and Emergent Church, Paul Carruth, began an intense and mindful overview of our Amarillo community. Our opening question was, "What is not being done?" What is not being done by communities of faith for the common good?

After much research and reflection, mindfulness and conversation an answer, perhaps an epiphany, came to Paul: Fair Trade. There were no Fair Trade outlets in Amarillo. Fair Trade is a exemplary ministry. We decided to create a ministry and gather a community around that ministry. We became partners in the Fair Trade movement, people working together following a strategy to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development. In addition to the store we came to see ourselves being a center for experiential education where volunteers gain knowledge, clarify values, and directly contribute to the common good.

The Chalice Abbey is a store (ministry) and a vibrant community. We came to be through the vision of our first Director, Paul Carruth, the leadership of the HPA moderator, Bill Hendricks, the backing of the Area Minister, Chuck Fisher, the financial wisdom of HPA's long time Administrative Assistant, Deborah Gifford and the HPA's Treasurer, Linda Pittman. And many, many others who continue to grow the Abbey ministry and community.

Our mission and vision continue to evolve.

Our Vision is to embody the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being a faithful, inclusive, contemplative community with a passion for justice, environmental stewardship and practices that lead to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our Mission is to participate in creating a just and sustainable world through contemplative practices, respectful dialogue, and the sale of fair trade goods and local creative arts.

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