Meet the Makers-Quillers in South Vietnam

Quilling is so easy; anyone can do it. You can buy the supplies, watch videos to learn the technique, practice your technique, and then spend more time to create beautiful cards like these. OR, you can stop in and pick up one of our beautiful cards that were hand made by a Fair Trade artist, AND use all the time you save to be present with the receiver of your card.

Quilling is an ancient art form, perhaps begun in China after paper was invented or popularized in Egypt in the 13th century. It made its way through convents as nuns would use gilded paper to create filigree-like designs to decorate books and religious items. In the 18th century it became a hobby of aristocratic women of Europe. The hobby spread America and was often used by colonists to decorate items in their homes. Quilling recently experienced a resurgence as beautiful papers became readily available. Today it is considered an art form, complete with a section at your local craft store.

Since 1999, SERRV International, has been in partnership with handcrafters in South Vietnam. Sales of their products enables handcrafters to work from home or in small workshops nearby rather than seeking employment away from home. In addition to vocational craft training, they learn marketing skills, receive health care, and earn wages to support their families. These combine to bring hope and independence to the artisans and the communities in which they live.

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Mirth Allcorn