Why The Arts?

Creative expressions of gifted musicians and artists bring joy to the soul. Our spirits are lifted when we see beautiful works of art and hear diverse performances of music. Visual artists, musicians and other performers are invited to The Center share their creations and encourage us as we seek to live fully.

The Center for Spirituality & the Arts in Amarillo, TX

Are you seeking to live fully and to care about the world?

Chalice Abbey is an inclusive community seeking to nurture the spirit and create a sustainable world. We invite you to come and experience spiritual practices, deep and meaningful conversations, celebrate the arts, and support the work of Fair Trade Merchants from around the world.

Our focus on spirituality and the arts comes from an awareness that we are created with a deep connection to the people and the world around us, that our lives are linked to the lives of others, and our actions can create peace in our lives and in the lives of others.

Why Spirituality?

Throughout history, spiritual practices have given direction on that path. The Chalice Abbey community gathers to learn and practice the spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, and study. Our center is open to everyone, encouraging individuals to connect spiritually and engage in self-discovery.

God has created within us a soul that calls us to continued growth in love. Each person is a unique expression of God's creation and as such, is a gift to the world. If we respond to that call, we seek pathways to honor the soul.

We offer the following small groups, community gatherings, and speakers for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Meditation at the Abbey | Tuesdays at Noon

Meditation is opening yourself to the realization of our eternal oneness with God.
All that is needed is to simply become silent.

We gather at Noon on Tuesdays in our Center for Spirituality and the Arts and open with a welcome, introductions and questions. The leader begins the meditation with a sacred reading at 12:15. The group then sits together in silence for 20 minutes. The leader brings the group out of the silence with the sound of a bell.

All are welcome.
If you are a beginning meditator and would like to receive more information on the spiritual practice of meditation, one of our leaders will be happy to visit with you either before we gather or after our meditation

Deep Dialogue via Zoom | Sundays at 6:30-8:00pm

Deep Dialogue conversations focus on engaged living, personal transformation, and embodied practices. Readings from many different perspectives and traditions are used as discussion starters. They are emailed weekly, and the group meets via Zoom to include out of town members. Contact Chuck Fisher at chuckfisher291@gmail.com.

Taizé at the Abbey | Second Thursdays at 6:00pm

A Taizé style worship service is filled with contemplative music, scripture, prayer, and silence. All are invited to attend regardless of denominational or faith tradition/affiliation. A printed order of service and music is provided. The service lasts 30-40 minutes. Come as you are from work or home.

Book Groups

Book groups are offered throughout the year. Check back for new studies beginning in January.

Reserve the center for your event!

Our beautiful, serene Center for Spirituality & the Arts hosts many gatherings, art shows and concerts. It can be reserved for meetings and special events. The center has a full kitchen with tables and chairs available, as well as a large screen, sound system and Internet. Fees range from $50 to $100. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (806) 576-2480 to reserve your space.